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Liber Fanatica I: The Character Compendium

  • Ten Questions - Expanded (Jude Hornborg)
    Additional questions for helping players establish links between background events and character behaviour
  • Character Backgrounds (Wim van Gruisen)
    A series of tables for determining random careers, skills and talents based on the character's regional or racial origins
  • Character Motivations (Henrik Grönberg)
    Identifies some of the core ambitions and motivations that breathe life into a character, along with roleplaying hints for each
  • Career Guidance (Wim van Gruisen)
    Discusses the relationship between career changes and campaign narratives
  • Psychotic Careers (Wim van Gruisen)
    Roleplaying suggestions for Slayers, Flagellants and Zealots
  • The Lost Careers (Wim van Gruisen)
    Conversions of the first edition careers that were omitted from second edition, along with their associated geographical backgrounds
  • Converting Characters from WFRP1 (Wim van Gruisen)
    Complete rules for converting characters from first edition to second edition