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Liber Fanatica II: The Perilous Arts

  • Narrative Combat (Wim van Gruisen)
    Advice for running rules-light combat to encourage player creativity in WFRP
  • Alternative Combat Rules (James Walkerdine)
    Rules for a more fluid combat system without Half and Full Actions, which instead uses staggered actions of variable durations that cancel Attacks or reduce Initiative scores
  • Damage and Healing (James Walkerdine)
    Assigns additional penalties for Wound loss and introduces some complications to the Healing skill
  • Corruption (Wim van Gruisen)
    A simple mechanic for tracking a spellcaster's corruption level, complete with the possibility of acquiring disfigurements or even becoming an NPC
  • Alternative Magic Rules (Wim van Gruisen)
    Options for modifying spell effects by increasing the casting difficulty, and for learning new spells individually
  • Using WFRP1 Spells within WFRP2 (James Walkerdine)
    Complete rules for converting spells from first edition to second edition