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Liber Fanatica III: The Game Master's Guide

Part I: Articles

2.58 MB Download
  • Writing a Campaign (Wim van Gruisen)
    Guidelines for structuring a campaign in three parts, introducing new plot elements and aligning campaign objectives with PC interests.
  • Handling Horror and Insanity (James Walkerdine)
    Advice for narrating horror and insanity in WFRP, along with rules for debilitating fear and minor psychological disorders.
  • Convention Scenarios (Alfred Nuñez Jr.)
    How-to design convention scenarios and pre-generated characters. Advice for running games at a con.
  • On the Table (Jude Hornborg)
    Structural damage, terrain and perception rules. Tips for using miniatures in WFRP.
  • Win, Lose or Draw (Jude Hornborg)
    Expanded skill tables with outcomes for Degrees of Success and Failure. Examples of Average Tasks for each skill and assorted skill-specific rules.

Part II: Tool Shed

2.17 MB Download
  • Character Traits (Henrik Grönberg)
    Tables for generating character backgrounds, friends & family, and personalities.
  • Settlements of Sigmar (Henrik Grönberg)
    Tables for generating Germanic town names, along with population, wealth and notable features.
  • Changing Seasons (Henrik Grönberg)
    Weather generation tables, including regional modifiers and average monthly temperatures across the Empire.
  • Inns of the Empire (Henrik Grönberg)
    Tables for generating names, sizes, services offered and notable qualities of inns and bars. Also includes an event table for inns.
  • Ex Libris Imperialis (Henrik Grönberg)
    Tables for generating the age, binding, subject matter, authorial tone, peculiarities and title of a book.
  • Tales of the Rover (Henrik Grönberg)
    Geography-based encounter tables for traveling parties, along with ideas and alternatives for each encounter type.

Part III: Appendices

992 KB Download
  • Playing WFRP by Email (David Hatch)
    Pros and cons of PBEM. Advice on composing responses, accounting for both roleplaying and organizational requirements. (See Hidden Addenda for the full PBEM article)
  • Playing WFRP using Online Chat (Jude Hornborg)
    Pros and cons of online chat-based WFRP. Tips on notation and pacing.
  • Playing WFRP by Message Board (Philip Hamilton)
    Pros and cons of PBMB. Advice on recruitment, posting and thread management.