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Liber Fanatica IV: The Academic's Handbook

Part I: Places of Learning

3.16 MB Download
  • Altdorf University (Rick Wolf)
    Description and groundplans for the Empire's largest university located in the capital city of Altdorf.
  • Religion and Academia (Henrik Grönberg, Jude Hornborg and Wim van Gruisen)
    Major deities' attitudes towards academia and the fields of study favoured by their followers.
  • The Abode of the Watchful Owl (Henrik Grönberg)
    Description and floorplans for a major temple of Verena located in Wurtbad, the capital of Stirland.

Part II: Research and Academia

1.84 MB Download
  • Academic Knowledge Skills (Jude Hornborg)
    Specific fields covered by each Academic Knowledge skill, how these skills are learned and a revised DoS/DoF table.
  • Library Research in WFRP (Jude Hornborg)
    Five types of libraries, rules for library research and advice for building research trees in your campaign.
  • Languages of the Warhammer World (Jude Hornborg)
    Descriptions of languages and Reikspiel dialects consolidated from official sources. Advanced rules for communication.

Part III: Thaumaturgy

1.56 MB Download
  • Sources of Magic (Wim van Gruisen)
    Rules for manipulating the Winds of Magic according to weather, celestial positions, sympathetic connections and geography.
  • Alchemical Formulas (Dan White)
    Legendary alchemical formulas, two new rituals and a large alchemical ingredients table.
  • Counterspells (Wim van Gruisen)
    Extensive selection of counterspells that may be learned as Lesser Magic spells.

Part IV: Astrology

1.14 MB Download
  • The Evolution of the Warhammer Solar System (Wim van Gruisen)
    Liber Fanatica's take on Warhammer astrology.
  • The Mechanics of Planetary Motion (Wim van Gruisen)
    Rules for calculating positions of the celestial bodies.
  • Reading the Stars (Wim van Gruisen)
    Astrological scrying, using planetary positions within the zodiac to determine a horoscope or plan a major event.
  • The Natal Chart (Wim van Gruisen)
    Calculating PC natal charts to provide more detailed horoscopes.
  • Star Signs and Game Effects (James Jester)
    Advanced rules for Star Signs with calendar days, stat modifiers and bonus talents.
  • An Astrologer's Instruments (Wim van Gruisen and Jude Hornborg)
    Equipment commonly used by astrologers, astronomers and navigators.