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Liber Fanatica VII: Enter New Perils

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  • Reikland Revolutionaries (Joseph Ewens)
    Background and adventure hooks for eight different revolutionary organisations.
  • Variant Zealots (Jay Hafner)
    New Zealot creation options and expanded omen rules.
  • Encounters, Cards and Teamplay (Sunatet)
    Tactical advice for cooperative use of Actions and Talents.
  • Animal Companions (Sunatet)
    Rules for animal taming, creating custom companions, and new animal Actions.
  • Playing Non-Heroic Careers (Rae Russell)
    General advice for playing non-heroic characters, and specific advice for fifteen careers.
  • Distinguishing Marks (Mal Reynolds)
    Discussion of distinguishing marks, and a large Distinguishing Marks table with rules.
  • GM's Corner (Ian Robinson)
    Advice for creating interesting NPCs and handling PC deaths.
  • Revenant - Scenario (Jay Hafner)
    A macabre adventure set in Ubersreik.
  • Pre-Gen Characters (Jay Hafner)
    Fourty-four pre-generated characters.