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Version 8.1 uploaded Dec. 30, 2011 (replaced pages 11, 16 and 70)

Liber Fanatica VIII: The Criminal Empire

Download Pullout Section Here

General Section

  • Trade and Smuggling in the Reikland (Ralph Seller)
    Simple and Advanced rules for trading, Merchant Guild protocol and smuggling, including a Trade Gazetteer of the Reikland.
  • Honour or Contempt (Jussi Alarauhio)
    Expanded social conflict mechanics, including new Rogue and Rhetoric Action Traits and the H-tracker system.
  • The Law of the Empire (Rikard Fjellhaug)
    History of Imperial law & courts, religious law, judges and punishments. Guidelines for creating Trial Episodes.
  • The Sharp End of Justice (Jussi Alarauhio)
    Different types of Executioners and their methods.

    GM's Section

  • Ubersreik by Night (Ralph Seller)
    Criminal guilds, organisations and NPCs in Ubersreik.
  • Secret Signs (Sean Connors)
    Hand signs and ciphers used in the criminal underworld.
  • Wanted (Sean Connors and Lauri Maijala)
    Part 1 of the Master of Shadows campaign, set in Ubersreik.
  • Appendix: Expanded Equipment List (Jay Hafner)
    Additional equipment with Quality and Skill guidelines.

    Pull-Out Section

  • Cards and Handouts for all LF8 articles (download link above).