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Liber Fanatica IX: Perils of the Empire

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General Section
  • Imperial Gazetteers (Ralph Seller)
    Expanded Trade & Commerce gazetteer covering the whole Empire (continued from LF8).
  • Chaos at the Table (Rae Russell)
    Advice for handling problematic players through constructive dialogue, tips on introducing new playstyles to WFRP gaming groups.
  • GM's Section

  • Mordheim - Adventuring in the City of the Damned (Jason Rapai)
    Background on the ruined city of Mordheim, urban exploration rules and special Location Card effects. Two adventure outlines by Captain Cutlass.
  • The Wayward Son and Other Short Stories (Lauri Maijala and Joeri Winkeler)
    Three interlinked one-sheet adventures, and three standalone one-sheets.
  • Cheap Tickets (Andy Jones)
    A rolicking introductory adventure for WFRP 3rd edition.
  • Hand of Glory (Lauri Maijala)
    Part 2 of the Master of Shadows campaign (continued from LF8). Includes western Reikland town summaries by Ralph Seller.

    Pull-Out Section

  • Cards and Handouts for all LF9 articles (download link above).
  • PART 2

  • Coming Soon (In Development)