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The Thousand Thrones Expansions

    These expansions for The Thousand Thrones campaign are unofficial fan creations. The main campaign book can be purchased from Fantasy Flight Games.

  • Expanded Campaign Overview (2.5 MB)
    Updated campaign background

  • Expansion #1 (11.4 MB)
    Bonus adventure material for Chapter 7

  • Expansion #2 (22.7 MB)
    Extra background, NPCs, locations and encounters for Chapters 2, 3 and 6

    All PDFs are formatted for duplex printing. To read on a monitor in wide-screen format, simply delete the blank page after the cover. Be sure to check margin settings before printing.

    Related Materials

  • WFRP 3rd edition Conversions (15 MB) - by Allan Joe (Gallows)
    3e conversions of NPC stats and encounters for the TTT campaign (main book only, no expansion conversions)