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Hello everybody.
I've been following your work for quite some, I think I found the page just after you published LF2, and have enjoyed several of the articles.
I started playing WFRP in the late nineties, and fell in love with the setting and the world and have been a GM in it for well over a decade. I though the second edition was really excellent, a great improvement over the 1st edition system. Though it was a little bit thin at the start, as the library grew it got so many great supplements that I love dearly that it is still my favourite edition (although I never quite liked the storm of chaos thing and wished it had been a campaign book instead, but hey, it's very easy to play without it), and I'm still a bit sad that it was killed in its adolescence.

I never quite got into 3rd edition, though I would probably like it if I played it some more, but I haven't felt the need to make the investment to acquire the system myself, so I'm glad there are still groups like Liber Fanatica to publish material for the second edition.

I'm a Norwegian freelance writer and photographer and I was mainly interested in joining the forum to keep an eye on the progress, but if you're looking for articles I wouldn't mind contributing if inspiration should strike me. I'm also very skilled in Photoshop, InDesign and to an extent Illustrator, if you'd want any help with layout or design.

I've been interested in expanding upon the apothecary and alchemy part of the system, using the system of potion creation from RoS, and giving the poor herbalists something to do (is is just me or doesn't herbalism actually have any rules for what it can do, why would the hedgefolk, mechanically speaking, want that skill?). I think expanding on the trade skills in general, providing recipes for new (herbal?) draughts, brewing, cooking and other trade skills would be cool.

My knowledge of the warhammer world is mostly from various roleplaying supplements, but I'm an avid reader of and other Warhammer wikis, so I have gotten a bit of information about the surrounding world that's not been covered by the books, but not as much as those who've actually read the army books and novels. I'd love to see more material on the lands beyond though, especially the dark lands (and updating the threat of the chaos dwarfs), Albion, badlands and Cathay.

On a side note I'm excited that you're making an elf supplement, I still find it so weird that both first and second edition planned a book on elves, but none of them managed to get it out. At least in the first edition the elves had their own magic though. Good luck with that.

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Re: Introduction

Postby Thor » Mon May 07, 2012 9:34 am

I've sent a PM ;)

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