Chaos Temptation Cards

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Chaos Temptation Cards

Postby Terrorist Dwarf » Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:41 pm

Another idea bubbled into my head while working on Action cards specific to careers in the Career project, but didn't really hit into the themes of the careers.

The concept is Temptations are Enhance cards, like found in Omens of War or Hero's Call, which are keyed to different Chaos gods. You could have a Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne and Slaanesh Temptation card. The cards are used in distinct ways which enforces the theme of the god by giving a very powerful bonus. Temptation Cards may be purchased without spending points on Actions, but they have their own costs. Chaos Stars always give Corruption if you use a Temptation card, and once you are corrupted, you lose the card and the card is converted into a Mark of Chaos. While the card may be gained for free, the GM may use the cards to entice the players with power as a reward.

The Temptation cards are a little more powerful than the Marks of Chaos, representing the Chaos God's willingness to spend more energy in converting fresh blood than securing existing members.

The core theme behind Nurgle's temptations are diseases make you stronger. The conservative Nurgle Temptation gives bonuses to healing checks, but only to mask and negate penalties from diseases. As well, it allow the healer to suppress fatigue and critical wounds if a disease matches the severity of the critical wound. The reckless Nurgle Temptation is used in to quickly ignore pain and wounds on yourself, such as in combat, allowing the character to ignore fatigue, wounds and critical wounds if diseased.

The core theme behind Tzeentch is change, plotting and magic. The conservative Tzeentch Temptation involves plotting and manipulating, as long as you are attempting to undermine authority, you can use the card for social checks. The reckless Tzeentch Temptation is a magical enhance which gives easy access to magical power and quicker recharge.

The core theme behind Khorne is combat, skulls and blood. The conservative Khorne Temptation is terrible, it's designed to get you quickly back in Reckless stance. The reckless Khrone Temptation is a very powerful Enhance ability with great critical and damage potential, as well as a some Toughness and Soak increases.

The core theme behind Slaanesh is social control. The conservative Slaanesh Temptation bag of social tricks involves ignoring the shame and stress, allowing you to become a "social tank". The reckless Slaanesh Temptation allows the Slaanesh to entice others into acts of pleasure or control them with pain, giving others bonuses as long as they go along with his pleasure plans, but penalties if they do not.

Any thoughts or ideas to improve the concept?

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Re: Chaos Temptation Cards

Postby ragnar63 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:35 pm

Actually a really nice idea.

These could actually be used by GM's as a kind of punishment if PC's start to exhibit traits associated with a particular chaos god. A PC who is unusually blood thirsty or brutal in combat could be handed the Khorne card for instance.

I think you would also need to have a way of a player being able to remove the card. Perhaps by getting so many sigmars comets while using the card, or perhaps by actually specifying a type of behaviour that will remove the card. To use the example above, if the PC used two XP to buy the healing skill and then used it to work in a Shallyan Hospice for a month, then the Khorne card would be removed.

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