Fate of Liber Fanatica?

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Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby Fango » Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:30 pm

Hello all, I love what the Liber Fanatica has done for WFRP and was wondering if there were plans to create more content and come out with another issue? I'm still recovering from the bag-over-the-head-punch-in-the-face that was the End Times and the destruction of the Old World by GW proper. It's easy to see now why development stopped on 3rd edition WFRP at FFG about a year before the release of 'Rage of Sigmarines'

I still think the Warhammer World, as it was before they threw it all in the garbage disposal, is the most interesting RPG setting out there. I hope that what is left of the community can find a way to soldier on and keep this going. Is there anything I can do to help?



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Re: Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby ragnar63 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:59 pm


We can only apologise for the recent lack of content, but Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is not dead at Liber Fanatica. We have a new website coming out soon and with it will be a couple of new items, which I am sure you will enjoy, including plenty of fluff. So stay tuned for announcements.

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Re: Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby valvorik » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:28 am

That's great news

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Re: Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby Rangdo » Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:56 pm

Woohoo! Back in business! Thanks to our lord & board-master! :D
I used to be Ovid.

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Re: Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby ploeperpengel » Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:40 am

Meanwhile, is there any way to get Hurlanc's library lib.js file, fonts, and graphics?
I just startet collecting WH 3rd edition material and there seems to be no way to use the Char pregens for strange eons downloadable at your current site and the wfrp3_adds also won't install.
Maybe someone can share some info or files with me so I can use these interesting ressources?

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Re: Fate of Liber Fanatica?

Postby GregoryShame » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:39 am

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